My Story

(Photos by Dana Jo Photography)

(Photos by Dana Jo Photography)

Hey y’all!

I’m a Washington NC native, born and raised. After attending college in Raleigh (NC State) and Wilmington (UNCW), I decided to travel across the country, managing alcohol programs and restaurants in interesting and fun places. The first time I directed a business Instagram account was in 2012, and within months, both Food & Wine and Eater had used my photography. At the time, I was only handling business social accounts as part of my broader responsibilities as bar or house manager though; it was never my plan to leave the service and hospitality industry completely. (I miss it all the time!)

After almost a decade of traveling, I came home in late 2015 and eventually landed in Belhaven, thanks in part to Spoon River. As a sommelier, I went from managing bar programs with $10 mill in yearly sales in Hawaii, to working with award winning craft breweries and filming TV shows at the restaurant I managed in Austin, to overseeing the bars as maître d’, trainer and alcohol buyer for an internationally known and historical landmark restaurant in Savannah... to suddenly becoming a trusted professional in boutique style social branding for local businesses. All because I started posting iPhone pics on Spoon River’s Instagram in November of 2015. Three months after that, I was approached by a neighboring retail shop, Handpicked Sister, about handling their social presence, and from there it evolved.

My creative passion for artful photography, combined with my learned sales skills, natural knack for written communication, and millennial understanding of information technology, created a totally unique niche for me in this modern world. Creating a path doing something I’ve never known of anyone else to ever do is honestly so weirdly empowering. But it’s also occasionally terrifying that I’ve gotten myself into completely unchartered waters. Conveniently, I love a good challenge, and ultimately, I love what I do.

I want to photograph more bands and live music! Send your musician friends my way!