Social Media Management & Branding

Michelle Hooper... social media guru
— Washington the Magazine (May/June 2016)

How important is social media marketing?

According to Forbes (January 2016):  "What once served primarily as a platform to increase sales is now a meeting space, and has become part of the brand itself."

Life isn’t lived in just one filter and neither should your business.

I provide a boutique style service of Social Media Management + Branding; utilizing professional photography, active marketing, and engagement to present the unique appeal of the client's business via online social platforms, specifically Instagram and Facebook. Unlike options with tech companies, I’m local and available to photograph on premise, marketing the business from a genuine and honest perspective.

Advertising, without it feeling like a stale commercial. Inviting images, relevant content, welcoming, charming captions and branding.

No cheap tricks; no buying followers or likes, no mass following as spam - just authentic and organic growth and engagement - turning potential customers into actual customers. Keeping current customers loyal.

Packages for services are built based upon the needs of the business or organization. Professional photography, one-on-one consulting + coaching, group seminars, full management and/or event campaigns are offered.

The bottom line of the business, combined with tasteful quality images, tact, and southern hospitality, will always be the top priority and foundation for branding. Email for more info.

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Snack Bar Fine Foods, South Congress Ave., Austin, TX

Snack Bar Fine Foods, South Congress Ave., Austin, TX